openBIS 7

First openBIS line of code is documented to have been written on 27 February 2007.

openBIS just became 16 years old, for this kind of software platform is honestly an achievement.

During all this years openBIS development remained strong and its community grow continuously.

This year we did a mayor repository overhaul to both improve our codebase maintenance and everyone day to day work experience.

After this overhaul that removed a myriad of secondary projects, the main openBIS repository has over:

  • 1.400.000 Lines of Java Code on the backend
  • 200.000 Lines of Javascript and JXT code on the frontend
  • 20.000 Lines of Python code between Pybis, obis and various python plugins

We are delighted to announce that ETHZ remains strongly committed to continue supporting and improving the platform. To be able to do so, on next mayor version, we will part ways with some parts of the platform that for several years did have already modern alternatives.

So please use the lists below as a guide, subject to changes, to plan your developments and migrations, and feel free to ask any questions.

There is currently no official release date for openBIS 7.

Removed Features

  • UI:
    • Core UI: Deprecated in favour of Admin UI and ELN-LIMS.
    • Managed Properties: Deprecated in favour of ELN-LIMS plugin.
  • Core:
    • Materials: Deprecated in favour of Sample Properties. A migration maintenance task is available.
  • API:
    • V1 General/ChangingInformationService: Deprecated in favour of V3 API.
    • V1 Initialisation Master Data Service: Deprecated in favour of XLS Master Data V2.

Notable New Features

  • Modern Data Store Server:
    • Rest API with Transactions Support
    • Mutable data
    • Compatible with the current data store structure, no data migrations are needed.
    • New Data Navigation component for ELN-LIMS
    • New Forms
    • New Advance Search allowing nested sub queries
  • Core:
    • Two Phase Transaction Support between AS and Modern DSS. This allows to write applications that modify data and metadata together in one transaction.

NOTE: Current Data Store and V2 Dropbox API will remain available in openBIS 7.